Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Is My Cervix Inflamed


  • Construction of car parks in the area Cesure (basement) and in the Old Mill.
  • Reorganization land through the Land Improvement Consortium. In
  • recent decades, large green areas near the village, formerly occupied by meadows, have suffered a slow and inexorable process of Bearded iris: impressive. The Our goal is to devise a plan for a recovery areas occupied by vegetation in the vicinity of the center, also studying a mechanism that facilitates the owner. The waste material produced could be given through an agreement between private parties, town and company, to ECOTERM Primiero.
  • reorganization and reinterpretation of the industrial area shared with the participation of residents and associations.
  • Study for a repositioning the territory of the various antennas now installed. Arrangements of
  • cemetery and the belfry of the Church of San Vittore.
  • The country will be affected by the construction of district heating network . The administration should commit to further information about the status of the work, to limit the inconvenience to residents and especially to oversee the restoration of previous conditions in the work.


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